The Nigerian police have arrested a group of men suspected to be the robbers who stole a car belonging to the wife of Mohammed Babangida, a son of former Nigerian military dictator Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida after robbing her at gun point.

Three of the four suspects were caught in Katsina State, our police sources revealed.

In a daring operation, some armed robbers had snatched a 2015 Mercedes Benz S550 and stash of cash from Mrs. Babangida at her father’s house in Ungwan Rimi area of Kaduna, the capital of Kaduna State. The robbery happened yesterday

One of our two police sources stated that the robbers were trying to head out of Nigeria through Dusten Ma in Katsina State when the cellphone Mrs. Babangida had left in the stolen car gave them away.

One source in Kaduna told SaharaReporters that the robbers also took a gun belonging to a police officer who was part of Mrs. Babangida’s security detail.