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Secrets for choosing any ideal man for a relationship/marriage. You should really note these points

WARNING: 10 Types Of Men Women Should Not Marry


Well, it is not just the men who should be wary when it comes to choosing a life partner, a woman should also keep her eyes open.
Below are the 10 kinds of men women should think twice about the knot with.

1. The Abusive Man: Be it physically or emotionally abusive, no woman should have put up with an abusive man. If you notice the man you are dating seems temperamental to the point of abuse, then it is best you leave that relationship before things get more serious.

2. The Dishonest Man: Have you noticed that he lies about a lot of things, even things that do not really matter? Some men are perpetual liars and thinking about settling down with such a man would only bring you more heartbreak.

3. The Unambitious Man: A man who hopes to support his family someday should have some type of plan. When the man you are with does not seem to have any sort of idea of what he wants to do with his life, then it is best to get off that relationship train. A man should be a leader in his family, but if he does not know where he is headed, how would he be able to lead right?

4. The Commitment-Phobe: Just like there are some women who have issues with committing to anything, we also have men who are this way. If he is afraid of commitment then it is no use convincing him that committing to a marriage is a good idea.

5. The Cheat: Does he cheat on you time and time again? Does he always seem to be looking for the next lay even while he professes his love to you? Then it is a bad idea to consider such a man for marriage. Cheats hardly change who they are, no matter how many times they promise they will.

6. The Stingy Man: A man who finds it difficult to be generous with his material possessions, even when he has more than enough to share, might not be the best family-man. Marriage involves a lot of sharing and if he is too self obsessed to see the needs of someone else, that union would end up being one-sided.

7. The Addict: Any addiction becomes an extra work for the partner involved. If you suspect he might be an alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, sex, etc addict, then it is better to save yourself future pain and unhappiness by looking for someone else. Dating an addict automatically puts you and your family in second place. Something else will always come first and this would usually have an adverse effect on you and your marriage.

8. The Insecure Man: Does he always seem jealous or insecure of anything and anybody you come in contact with? Trust is very important in a relationship and even more crucial in a marriage. If he is always suspicious of every single person that comes close to you, then think twice about being in a lifetime partnership with him. A marriage would not last long if one partner consistently suspect the other one of being unfaithful.

9. The Disrespectful Man: A man who is disrespectful to you or even everyone in general would not make a good husband. Respect is very important in every relationship and if you constantly feel disrespected, then it certainly would not lead to a happy home.

10. The Mommy’s Boy: A healthy love for his mother is always very important when it comes to choosing a partner but if he cannot so much as decide what to have for breakfast without consulting his mother, then perhaps, this is a union you should reconsider. In a marriage, decisions are made between the man and the wife. Of course, it is normal to seek advice from others but the final decision has to come from the two people in a marriage. If anyone outside of the marriage threatens this dynamic, there is always going to be a problem

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