The army debunked Tinubu’s claims with a statement of its own; to the effect that no soldiers were deployed to Asiwaju’s home and that the APC leader is only crying wolf where none exists. See the army’s riposte here.

Anyhoo, we saw this banner resting on the fence of Bola Tinubu’s home this morning as we drove past Bourdillon. Two banners were hung on the fence of the main house and the adjoining building.

It was a message for the army, more or less. One that suggested that their skills were better suited elsewhere. “This is not Sambisa Forest. Wrong Posting,” the banner read.

Now, in case you’ve been submerged in some cave in the last decade, Sambisa Forest is the swathe of thick forest and shrubs under the control of the terrorist Boko Haram sect. The army has found the area impregnable, billions of dollars in military budgets after.

We can wager that APC stalwarts and Tinubu supporters must have put up these mischievous banners while men slept.