Shocking -:- FIFA President – Sepp Blatter Faces Criminal Investigation in Switzerland

Sepp Blatter Faces Criminal Investigation in Switzerland > Switzerland has opened a criminal investigation against Sepp Blatter, the current FIFA president who just will not die. He’s facing suspicion of “criminal mismanagement” and “misappropriation.”

Sepp Blatter Faces Criminal Investigation in Switzerland

This is huge. FIFA is insanely corrupt, and corruption has led to things like money changing hands for World Cup votes, the pillaging of national economies, and modern-day slavery. In May, Swiss authorities rounded up a shedload of FIFA executives to be extradited to the United States for charges of wire fraud, racketeering and money laundering at the behest of the U.S. Justice Department. Since then, we’ve been waiting for them to cut the head off this motherfucker. Sepp Blatter is the head.


Swiss authorities interrogated Blatter today and also spoke to current UEFA president Michel Platini regarding Blatter’s alleged wrongdoings and suspicion of a “disloyal payment” from FIFA to Platini in 2011. Here’s FIFA’s statement.


If you remember, Blatter resigned in June, and then changed his mind. He didn’t attend the Women’s World Cup in Canada, and refuses to enter the United States for fear of the FBI. He is, in the classical sense, a gangster.

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