General Muhammadu Buhari emerged winner of the 2015 Nigeria presidential elections on 31st of March after failing three previous times in the same contest.

Five Situations Nigerians Have In Mind For Buhari To Change Nigeria

Ever  since his emergence as President-elect of Nigeria, the hopes of Nigerians have risen and their expectations are incredibly high.

For there to be development in Nigeria, the citizens must be ready to tolerate some discomforts here and there. As we all know nothing good comes easy, Nigerians should be in tune to face these challenges if Gen. Buhari is really going to do as he promised, but you should also know that it will not be permanent.

Here are five major things Nigerians might have to bear with if Gen. Buhari is really going to change Nigeria.

1. Higher cost of living

According to the APC manifesto, proper waste management will be introduced to curb environmental pollution, of course that will not come free. So people who usually dump their waste in the river or those who burn their waste will now have to pay for waste management which is actually good, but this will be inconvenient for those who barely have enough money to eat.

2. Higher tax rates

Of course, to fulfill most of the promises he made during his campaigns, he needs a whole lot of funds. One way a government raises funds for projects is by taxing the citizens. So whether Nigerians like it or not, tax rates will increase and tax evasion will have to be stopped if Nigeria is to move forward.

3. Corruption

No matter how we refuse to agree with this, corruption is part of Nigeria’s lifestyle, and with Buhari’s no corruption campaign we should be ready to drop that lifestyle. To get contracts, companies bribe contractors, to get out of trouble, offenders bribe police officers, to pass exams, students bribe teachers/lecturers and so on. All Nigerians are all guilty and not just the politicians.

4. Industrialization

Industrialization is a very important and vital step towards diversifying the Nigerian economy,  and for this to be accomplished, Nigerians will have to endure some temporary discomforts that go with the process like pollution, relocation,traffic congestion e.t.c.

5. Loss of jobs for those in illegal occupations

Those thriving in illegal business will have to find other ventures to engage in, because if GMB is to transform Nigeria, all illegal trades will have to be wiped out. Businesses like piracy, black market petroleum products sales, smuggling of contraband items into a country e.t.c will have to be stopped. A whole lot of people are being employed in these businesses, so to keep them employed more jobs will have to be created.

Nigerians wanted change and voted change, so they should also be ready for the changes. We as a people should not wait on the leaders alone to drive this change, it all begins with us. We can’t expect change to happen when the people themselves aren’t ready to make it happen. Change is inevitable and sometimes it is also uncomfortable, but it has to happen for better things to come. Let’s be ready and remain hopeful that Gen. Buhari is the right man to lead this great country of ours and implement this change we all want.

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