”Mans inhumanity humanity to man”, best describes the incident that occurred at the Utako mechanic workshop, behind Beggar Yard, in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja as a young man identified as Murphy left his apprentice with an unimaginable cut on his head for looking away while a car was being fixed at his workshop.

The incident which happened on Monday resulted into rushing the apprentice identified as Joseph Pam to a nearby clinic with his head severely broken.

An eyewitness told DAILY POST that Murphy who is known to be highly temperamental broke Joseph’s head with a chain after he looked away while work was ongoing.

Pam, who hails from Jos, Plateau State told DAILY POST that he had been an apprentice under Murphy for one year and ten months. He said, ” I did not do anything to my Oga. While he was working on a vehicle, I turned to look elsewhere. This infuriated him, and out of anger, he attack me with a chain, leaving me with severe cut on my head.”

Corroborating what Pam said, a fellow apprentice under Murphy who identified himself as David, said “Pam and Murphy were working on a car together and at a point, the victim lost concentration, and before anybody knew what was happening, oga hit Pam with a chain on his head, leaving him with a very deep cut, and he was not even sorry about it”

David further added that when Murphy attacked Pam, he rushed the victim to a nearby pharmacy where he was treated.

“We were asked to pay N1,500. I had just a thousand naira on me, but another customer in the pharmacy completed the money, Oga Murphy was not concerned about the health condition of his apprentice. Funny enough, Pam has served with him for one year and ten months.” David said.

When DAILY POST correspondent visited the scene of the attack, some people were seen in groups discussing what transpired.

A food vendor, Bisi who condemned the act noted that the culprit should be brought to book, as nothing should warrant attacking his apprentice with a chain.

Murphy, while talking with Daily POST showed no remorse for his action. He simply said he attacked his apprentice with a chain out of anger, adding that Pam was was very stubborn and never listens.

Lamenting his inability to contact the police, Pam said he could not report the case to the police because he had nobody here in Abuja to fight his course but pleaded with our reporter to help bring Murphy to justice.