Patience Jonathan Misfires In Ibadan.

Less than three days before the presidential election holds across Nigeria, the wife of Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, Patience Jonathan, has misfired at a public function.

Speaking at a presidential rally organised by the ruling PDP in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital on Wednesday, the First Lady goofed by stating that those who jailed ‘Adelabu’ would also jail the people of Oyo State, if they voted for the APC.

PM NEWS recalls that Adegoke Adelabu, with the nickname, ‘Penkelemis: Peculiar Mess, was a colourful politician in Ibadan in the 50s before he died in March 1958.

It was reported that the political leader Mrs Jonathan had in mind was Alhaji Busari Adelakun, a former commissioner in the state under Chief Bola Ige, between 1979 and 1982.

It was gathered that Adelakun, a political toughie, later abandoned Ige’s Unity Party of Nigeria and joined the Federally ruling National Party of Nigeria.

Following the coup of 31 December 1983, he was arrested by the coupists. He died at the University College Hospital, after a protracted illness.

But speaking in Ibadan, Mrs Jonathan said that the APC and its presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari plan to jail many people, including herself if they win the 2015 election.

Patience said: “I want to tell you the people of Oyo State, you don’t need to listen to APC. APC is a spare drug; they don’t have material to quantify PDP material. You should know that they have been in government before; they were there before PDP, before Goodluck administration. If they come to Oyo, ask them, what do they have for you, not ‘I will, I will’. You were there; when you were there, what did you do for the people of Oyo State?


“All what they did for you people when they were there was to send your fathers and your children to prison. That’s all what they have for you people, and I want you to remember. Some of you were still small by then when your fathers were sent to prison by this very APC people. Some of them died in the prison; you know them. You want me to call one of them that died in the prison – don’t you know Adelabu? Haven’t you heard that name before in Oyo? He was the leader of NPN then.

“He was imprisoned by this APC, by this very people that want to enter there and he died there. They are coming again to jail your fathers and your mothers and even me, but God would never allow them – Holy Ghost fire, Holy Ghost fire, Holy Ghost fire. They would never succeed, because they have nothing to offer. Their own is ‘I will, I will’; that’s all what they have to offer.

“PDP has come to liberate the people. After this one, when they fail, they won’t have any name to bear again. The last time they failed, they changed their name to APC – not knowing APC is a spare drug.”

Patience has been in the eye of the storm after she told PDP supporters in Calabar, the Cross River State capital, recently to stone anyone that mouths the slogan ‘change’. ‘Change’ is the slogan of the opposition APC.

APC had threatened to send a petition against her to the International Criminal Court, ICC, for inciting PDP supporters against APC’s supporters.

Even after the threat, Patience has not relented in her hate speeches against APC and Buhari. At another rally, she even said Buhari was “brain dead.”

It should be noted that Dame Patience has recently been involved in a series of controversies overher scandalous quotes directed at the opposition. She was criticised over trying to incite violence in the country ahead of the general elections, to which the president’s wife responded that she is “a woman of peace” who hates violence.

Only last week, Mrs Jonathan stated that Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi is currently homeless and then begged Nigerians not to vote Gen. Buhari, so as to avoid going to prison.

The First Lady also told a gathering of Ondo state women that they should vote for someone who values women and education.


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