Tinubu’s wife takes over Ekweremadu’s seat

Just a day after the news filter in that the deputy senate president was almost assassinated by some unknown gunmen , the wife of APC leader Tinubu, who is a senator went and occupied the deputy senate president’s seat. She must be brave to do so. Even if it is a joke I think it is bad timing. People may think she or her husband knows those that attacked Ekweremadu.

It took the reproof of the senators elected on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party for Tinubu to relocate back to her chair to second a motion for the approval of Lagos state development policy operation loan.

The rebuke came when the senator stood up to speak while still standing in the deputy Senate president corner.

The APC leader’s wife, however, returned back to Ekweremadu’s position, who was absent from plenary immediately after she seconded the motion.

The reason according to sources she sat on the chair was to have a discussion with the leader of the senate of the ruling party Aliyu Ndume. Though the senators saw it as a joke, could it be that she and her husband have a plan for that position ? It actually cannot be denied that they do knowing very well that Ekweremadu and Saraki were not their crowned choice for the senate president and deputy respectively. It is clear therefore that she and her husband has not come to terms with the way things turned out against their plan. It is a reminder to the deputy senate president that his position is not secure. They are watching him closely and planning ways to bring him down. This is my interpretation. And what do you expect in politics. It is a game of the survival of the fittest. Expect more drama in the future.

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