Tips On How To Reduce Android Data Consumption


The introduction of Android Smartphones have brought both comfortable and uncomfortable developments. Comfortable developments in the sense that people can now use their mobile devices to carry out some very interesting activities in their phones and thus making life easy, while uncomfortable in the sense that data consumption is pretty on the high side.

This slight discomfort is quite demanding and thus so many people keep looking for various ways or cheats they could use to reduce the data they spend.

Like they say for every problem there is a solution and we are about to find the solution that would help us alleviate this high data consumption. Just so you know, I use it and it works for me.

The following measures have been proven up to 90% in helping to manage your data plans.

1. Set application updates to Wi-Fi Only.

2. Stop or disable Unwanted Sync options.

3. Use of Data Monitor Applications.

4. Restrict background data.

5. Using the data saver option in Browser (Chrome).

6. Set cellular data limit.

7. Identify the applications that are sucking your data.

Apply these measures carefully and enjoy your Android Smartphone.

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