MEDICAL MIRACLE: Doctors Reattach Toddler Jaxon’s Decapitated Head After Car Accident (Photos)

Baby Jaxon

This 16-month-old toddler has made a miracle recovery after his HEAD was internally decapitated in a car crash .

 He was with his mum and nine-year-old sister Shayne when they collided head on with another vehicle at 70mph on September 15.

The force from the collision was so intense that Jaxon’s head pulled apart from his neck in an internal decapitation, according to spinal surgeon Dr Geoff Askin.

In a six-hour surgery Dr Askin and his team attached a halo device to Jackson’s skull, holding him completely still while reattaching his vertebrae using a tiny piece of wire.

Then the medical staff took a piece of Jaxon’s rib to graft the two vertebrae together.

Baby Toddler
Baby Jaxon

The surgeon said a lot of children ‘wouldn’t have survived’. He also said that Jaxon’s condition was the worst injury of its kind that he’d seen.

Toddler Jaxon now wears what his family calls a “halo” to keep his body stable, which will be removed in eight weeks. After that, he will be able to live a normal and healthy life.

Baby Toddler2
Jaxon and Family

The family were travelling along the Newell Highway in New South Wales to start a new life in Maronbah, Queensland.

Their vehicle collided with a Ford Falcon driven by an 18-year-old man, reports Mail Online Australia.

The family is happy and elated that their brother is alive and well again after the surgery.

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