Tonto Dikeh engaged to Obasanjo’s son !!! Wow


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Is this true, that the person Tonto Dikeh was engaged to is the son of Nigeria’s ex- president Olusegun Obasanjo. No one saw this coming. Wow !!! Tonto Dikeh as we know is a very interesting and controversial figure in Nigeria’s movie industry, Nollywood. I do love her movies though. Her songs, I am not really sure. But I will say she is really talented.

Her father-in-law to be ? Never ! I never liked him. I always see him as  not being sincere and a person who destroyed Nigeria’s democracy when he had the chance to lay a good foundation for our democracy. The foundation he laid for our democracy was that of “do or die” election. An election rifed with rigging, collecting of ballot boxes, forcing his own candidates on people and states, undemocractic party politics and more. I never liked him. He is a man who will paint you black so that he may look white. That is what he has been doing to Jonathan. Not that I am exonerating Jonathan for some of his serious mistakes and unwise decisions and encouraging of corruption by releasing “political thieves” from prison. But I see Jonathan’s government as better than Obasanjo. At least Jonathan gave us a free and fair election from which the man of our dream Buhari was elected. That is just my opinion. You may have something different.

Oh my gosh!  How did I get here. I thought I was talking about the beautiful Tonto Dikeh who is engaged and about to be happily married to her Man Churchill who happens to be the son of Obasanjo. Sorry Tonto whenever we hear the name Obasanjo that is what happens to us. It brings out some sad memories in us and it is difficult to hold back without venting it out.  I like you but not your father-in-law. Enjoy your marriage my dear. I wish you a happy home. God will bless your union with your husband -to- be with happiness, joy, love, peace, understanding, beautiful and good children. Amen o.

Whether you are daughter-in-law to Obasanjo or not it takes nothing away from you. Your image you created for yourself by your hard work and talent. You will always be respected and remembered in the Nollywood industry by your fans because of you not Obasanjo. Peace ! One love !!

This is her message on instagram to confirm that her father-in-law to be is Obasanjo:

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