Video : Oba Akiolu of Lagos threatens Igbo (Nigerians)

What the heck is happening ! How can this come out from a man who is suppose to be a non-partisan father of everyone living in Lagos. It was an uncalled for statement and a senseless one for that matter. It shows how some people view politics in Nigeria. We still have a long way to go. Somebody in his position should be uniting the people who live in Lagos for the peaceful co-exitence of those who live there other than preaching hatred for his selfish ambitions or reasons. How can an Oba threaten some people to vote for his own candidate. Are we still living in the military era ? What does he want ? What does he plan to achieve with such unguarded utterance ? He just shot Ambode on the foot. If I should advice those in APC, I would tell them to come out openly and dissociate themselves from his statement and apologise to the Igbos. And if they do nothing, it will be taken that this Oba spoke their mind. Therefore I will advice every Nigerian living in Lagos who has the PVC, not just the Igbos alone, to come out enmass on Saturday and vote for Agbaje to show this people that Nigeria is a democratic country and not an autocratic country. Even if at the end the election is rigged in favour of Ambode, we must have proved our point – no one can twist our arms and force us to vote for anybody. We make the decision ourselves. We shouldn’t be forced to do so. This is democracy. We should be united as Nigerians.


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