Watch Emir Sanusi’s view about Boko Haram

The new emir of Kano, Lamido Sanusi was interviewed recently by Christian Amanpour of CNN. He spoke intelligently about a number of issues he was asked. In a nutshell, he said Boko Haram, ISIS and their likes are group of “lunatics” in Islam and that they do not represent Islam. On the issue of corruption, he said that the Nigerian state has been held “captive to vested interest” for quite a long time and that “the state cannot exist to make a few people rich” . He continued,  saying that we need to do something about corruption if we have to survive as a nation. When he was asked about the alarm he raised regarding the missing $20 billion dollars, he revealed that the issue has not been discussed and addressed sufficiently.

There has been stories in the news about election violence in various parts of Nigeria as the election campaign is going on especially in the Northern part of Nigeria. During the interview, he gave a hint to why these do occur. According to him, “there is a connection between  economic deprivation and political violence”. Watch the interview below.

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