Watch this captivating Nigerian election promo

Nigerian election campaign is taking a new dimension. With the hatforward promo for President Goodluck Jonathan, certainly a new form of campaign has been introduced into the Nigerian political scene. I think it is really captivating. I love this promo. It is quite rhythmical and catchy. The children can chant it while they play. The people in the office too can use it to ease the stress of work. It has the capacity of putting Go0dluck Jonathan in the lips of those who like him and those who don’t. However, the secret is that it has the capacity to gain for him more followers – the youth. The ordinary Nigerian youth can relate with this style of campaign. I don’t really like president Jonathan so much, however, I will say he has good campaign advisers. This is just my little opinion. What do you think ?

For your notice you can join this campaign by sending your video as described in the clip below titled ” make your own #hatsforward video in 4 steps “. There is a reward for the best 5o.

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