What Girls Should Know

Every girl imagines a wonderful sex life with their prince charming. As a girl there are secrets you should know in order to avoid falling a victim to guys who just want to have sex with you. You really need to know these popular lines from guys:
 I am going to marry you.

This is a very popular line amongst players who wants to dive into your pants. This line never seems to die out, probably because girls are always excited about getting married. I advice you wake up from that dream, girl! A man will say anything just to get it going and you shouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for that cheap lie, except you just want to use him same way he wants to use you.

 If you love me, you won’t deny me.

Are you serious! Since when did love become synonymous with sex? Girls, don’t be fooled, sex shouldn’t be at the fore front of a relationship else you stand to loose a lot. Love is a beautiful thing; don’t get me wrong, sex is beautiful too but it becomes a point of concern when they are replaced for each other. There are many other things you both can do together to express what you feel. Take a long walk, play games etc It will atleast buy you enough time to get to know him better before you can take the risk.

 Everybody is doing it.

First of all, don’t fail to tell that man that you aint “everybody” what some girls don’t understand is, the more sex you have with different men, the more your value reduces. If you must do it, do it with the right person. In life one should not do things because everyone is doing it, all man has his own fate.

 I can’t help it, you are too beautiful.
“The sight of you makes me loose my senses” great! You where created on a special Sunday, God took his time to create you”. My dear, a man will say anything to you when he is on heat. Why should a man tell you, your skin is smooth when you have masculine hairs all over your body? You know better than falling for that.

 If you don’t someone else will.

Like Beyonce will say ‘I can have another you in a minute’ these words usually come from guys who feel they are ‘big shots’ handsome, intelligent, smart or should I rather say they are said to girls with low self esteem. Don’t be intimidated by anyone,we all have a unique selling point,all you have to do is carryout a soul search.

You won’t ge t pregnant, I promise.

Are you kidding me! With or without condoms, you are 80% at risk. I suggest you ask your mum to tell you what it took her to carry a child for nine months. What happens if you actually get pregnant? Your life will never remain the same, your body will never remain the same. He is so going to go on with his life like you never happened. Be careful, take your time and be sure you are ready to ruin your life.

To avoid unpleasant experiences and escape the traps of players as young ladies, it is important to be wise, define what you want and work towards it. Remember, women are always at greater risk when it comes to ‘SEX’. Do the right thing, at the right time, with the right person.

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