What men want in a relationship – #NdaniTvRealTalk

This is NdaniTv  men’s version of “what women want”. The host is Cornelia O’Dwyer. And the all male panel features IK Osakioduwa, Chukky Lynx, Tee-A, and Gideon Okeke talking about what men really want.

In the women’s episode, the ladies revealed their thought about what they want in a relationship. It was a free flowing conversation. It looked real, free and you could feel they were saying it as they must have experienced it in life or as they felt.

This men’s episode is the same. It looks informal and organic. The men were talking from experience and as they feel the situation should be also.

However, my question is, ‘ Are they speaking for all men ? ‘  Is every man out there seeing it the way the men in this video sees it ? Ladies you don’t want to miss this  “dynamite”. Wow, it was “explosive”. I will allow you to see it for yourself and make your judgement.

Personally I think the ladies episode was more logical and they spoke more intelligently than the men. Nevertheless, sometimes some things that may be real as a matter of fact may appear illogical. The all men panel not withstanding is still very entertaining and revealing.

To watch the ladies version “what women want” click on this link https://www.aeroberry.com/secret-revealed-what-women-want-in-a-relationship-video/

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