Why coaches fear Mikel – Siasia


Mikel has come under intense criticisms following his recent sluggish displays for the Super Eagles. siasa who lined up the midfielder for the 2005 FIFA U20 World Cup and then dropped him for the 2008 Beijing Olympics,  said that Mikel does not welcome criticisms.

“Someone would have to talk to him. But to talk to Mikel, you have to be ready for your own beating,” Siasia told Africanfootball

This further confirms the awesome player-power the Chelsea star wields in the Super Eagles.

Siasia said that it will be up to Mikel to take the responsibility to step up his game.

“From what we have seen and what people are talking about, they don’t think he is giving his best. But he should be able to criticise himself,” argued the coach.

“He should do a self-critique. If he believes he is not doing well, he has to try and up his game.

“He has been watching the games from the World Cup, if he thinks he is not doing well, why is he not scoring, he has to be able to look at those videos and see the areas he needs

to improve on.

“Nobody has to tell him. He is a professional. So, I am not going to criticize him. He has done well for this country but if he is not doing well like he used to, then something has to be done.”

Siasia equally conceded he is “confused” about whether the best position for the player is as a defensive or attacking midfielder.

“I am actually confused on that one, I don’t know anymore,” he admitted.

“As a defensive midfield player, it doesn’t mean you should not go forward or try to take some shots at goal. (Nemanja) Matic is doing it, Ramires is doing it, so how come Mikel is not doing it? Why can’t he cover the box-to-box play. If you don’t get into the box, you can never shoot at goal. So, that is his pr

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