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Why Do People Double Date? Read This Article

Is Double Dating Really Worth It?

A friend once said that double dating is not a sin but that when caught in the act is sinful. what’s the difference?

In my quest to find out why most people double date, I decided to sample the opinions of a cross section of youths and students and the responses I got was quite overwhelming.
The first question posed to a selected number of students was to determine the particular sex that cheats more in a relationship. Out of the twenty young ladies I spoke with 18 of them said that Guys cheat the most while 2 said that women cheat more. I posed the same question to a group of 20 young men and surprisingly 10 said that men cheat more while the other 10 stressed that women cheat more in a relationship.
In a whole 70% of the interviewees agreed to the fact that men cheat more than women in a relationship.

However, whatever outcome this research may have produced, double dating from my own personal standpoint does not in any way do any good to anyone that indulges in it. Be it the ladies or the guys, double dating saps up emotions, finances and time. I have repeated heard some ladies saying that they go into double dating for security reasons.
They reiterated that most men are not sincere in relationship and hence to mitigate the dreaded heartbreak wahala they had better not put their egg in one basket.
Finance is another common reason cited by most ladies for venturing into double dating. They argue that to keep up with the current trend in both fashion and otherwise, dating plenty guys is the only way to meet with the huge financial resources involved. “My boyfriend is not working, so he cannot provide all my needs that is why I decided to hook up with a richer man who took care of my upkeeps” a girl once told me.

Always being in the midst of the opposite sex can also trigger the feeling for wanting an additional attention. This often may lead one party to looking outside for satisfaction.
Whatever, the reason maybe….do you think double dating really worth it?

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