Willie Obiano provides security and transportation boats for Anambra riverine areas – Pictures


The past governments of Anambra state paid less attention to the people from the riverine areas of Anambra. However, it does seem that the present government is filling up that void. Recently, governor Willie Obiano bought some security and transportation boat to serve the people from the riverine areas. If you have ever visited that area before, you would know that they are very much neglected and marginalised. They don’t enjoy good connecting roads like other parts of the states. Many of the villages there still don’t have reliable electricity like other parts of the state (Nigerian standard). The major means of transport to these towns is by boat however the type of boat used there are nothing to be proud of. They are made of wood and the standard is very poor. I remember travelling sometime to one of the towns there. A journey that should take 30mins if it was done in one of the latest modern transportation boat took us almost 4 hours. It tells you the speed of the boat.

Therefore, Willie Obiano has done something very remarkable for this people. He could have done more. However it is a good start. We hope that he will do more for them and provide them with more modern amenities.

This is what Obiano said when he presented the boat to the people. “My people, our brothers and sisters living in the riverine areas need a lot more logistics and security so we’ve provided them with boats for transportation, water ambulances and Navy patrol. All these will amount to better healthcare delivery, more trade between communities and security.”

See pictures of boat below:


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