Women: Nigeria’s Last Resort

Dora Akunyili
Dora Akunyili

It is a truism that Nigeria has been described as failed, it boasts of leaders who have not been cooked in a pot of integrity, justice and patriotism. Nigeria’s economy runs on broken legs and this is largely traced to political leaders trying to function without the social, cultural and economic god called Women.

Nigerian men who see themselves as head and women neck according to cultural and religious inclination, has failed to recognize the fact that the head cannot function without the neck, hence, the head does what the neck tells it to. Nigeria women are faced with several challenges ranging from gender inequality to domestic violence that egg on injustice and impoverishment. In gender battle, recent studies shows that women have certain characteristics that make them better leaders though men still hold majority of these positions.

Women from the past to present have proven themselves against the prevailing myth that African women lack leadership quality. Liberia still prides itself of producing the first female president in Africa Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who brought Liberians together. Other women who made history include: Mariam Makeba, Winnie Mandela and our very own Funmilayo Ransome Kuti and Margaret Ekpo etc.

Most Nigerian women unarguably have good leadership qualities, they are meticulous, high handed, incorruptible, no nonsense and intelligent. Thus, Nigerian women with the above virtue stand a better chance to correct the ills in this present political dispensation.

However, women who hold political positions in Nigeria are being indicted for corruption, the likes of Ex- Aviation Minister Mrs. Stella Oduah, Ex- SEC boss Mrs. Aruma Oteh (present world bank treasurer),Ex- Finance Minister, Mrs. Ngozi Nkojo Iwheala and more recently Ex-Petroleum Minister, Mrs. Diezani Allison-Madueke has been humiliated in a condescending manner making the male folks conclude that women are not fit for politics whereas the men who held political positions since 1960 gradually crushed the economy into shreds without being held responsible, yet are still given the opportunity to hold political positions.

Women should come out from their holes and stop relegating themselves to the background by assuming the position of a weaker sex, when they can fight the cancer worm that bedevils our nation. Nigerian woman can make mountains move when they are determined; they walk through fire yet come out stronger, talk of strength, courage, competence, care and wisdom then you talk of a Nigerian woman. In a company/organization where a woman emerges as boss there become quest for self development by employees. Workers who are perpetual late comers or deviant, turn over a new leaf in order to avoid her rot because women are difficult to penetrate compared to the men. Women are better communicators and listeners than men who just want to take action.

If President Muhammadu Buhari wants to win the war against corruption as he crusades, he should seek the hands of more capable women, not those who are allowed to get positions based on certain conditions simply to be used as tools by the men to satisfy their selfish desire. President Buhari should take a decisive action to judiciously use government funds to provide support structures for women, appoint them in top positions and reform policies that are stumbling block for women attaining the highest political positions. Generally, Nigerian women should be empowered; actions should be taken against incessant abuse of their rights especially in politics. A nation without corruption is a nation with indomitable women and Nigeria women are the last resort against Nigeria’s threatened existence because Nigeria can only be changed by intelligent minds and that is simply what women can offer. If late Dr. Dora Akuyili can do it, every Nigerian woman can.

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