“You cannot be a man and have just one wife, else you are deceiving yourself” – Oba Of Lagos.


All man to their Principles.
There’s quite a lot to learn about men and their love for women from Oba Rilwan Babatunde Os­uolale Aremu Akiolu 1, also known as the Eleko of Eko.

Oba Rilwan who was the Assistant Inspector General of Police before he retired in 2002, was crowned King of Lagos on May 23, 2003.

In a new interview with Sunday Sun, the Oba who met his first wife 50 years ago explained in details why no man sticks with one woman.

“You see, there is no handsome, rich, young man who does not like women.  

That a man likes a woman is different from a man who cannot do without women.

When you see a man who can­not do without women, he can sleep with anyone. His sister, maid, his son’s wife, daughter, col­league, niece, any woman.

Any man who says he has one wife is deceiv­ing himself. All those who say they have one wife have mistresses outside.

I am going to be 72 now and I cherish beautiful women and nobody can stop me. I like women and I can’t do without women are two different things.

That time, I was a policeman. She came for sports. She is the daughter of the late Sir Olateru Olagbegi and was very jealous.

I told her what’s wrong with you, your father married 40 wives. The man was a fantastic man. I liked him.

I have many women friends now. I can marry more wives now. There’s nothing they can do. If I ask them and they go with me, good. If not, good luck.

He also claims he doesn’t have a favorite wife or child.

“All of them make me happy because they know I am a no-nonsense man and nobody can predict what I will do.

They call me Aseyiwu Eledumare and I say I am not Eledumare. Even among my children, I have no favorite.

If you have a son who makes you happy, why will you not like him? The child who does not make you happy, pray to God and try to correct him. You see, I have no friend, I have no enemy.

That’s what I was doing with my son Tinubu. You see Tinubu and Fashola are special blessings to Lagos.

All the people who contested are all my children.”

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