11 Tips To Being The Bad Boy Girls Will Love To Be With + Die For, [SEE The Simple Trick]


Ladies say they want a good guy, a knight in shiny Armour, a prince charming but the truth is they would rather be with a bad boy (when i say bad boy i’m not talking about a criminal or a miscreant).

Also when a bad boy and a sweet guy both walk up to ladies the ladies usually go for the bad boys and after the bad her has finished Yoruba demon’ing her she will now settle for the good boy.

If you’re tired of being the good guy who gets just hugs and kisses and you want to upgrade to the Bad boy then this article is for you.

NB: There’s a big difference between being a bad boy and being a rude jerk.. don’t get it twisted

1.GO AND GET HER: Gents sit waiting all night for the right time to execute a first kiss. A bad boy walks over to his prey without invitation, leans in, and kisses her deeply. If he gets a slap, so what…he knows the bait has been cast and that she’ll be back for more—despite her protests.

2. DON’T SAY SORRY: Sorry is a word women associate with surrender, and they don’t want a man who surrenders. They want one who can stick their chin out and say, “Take your best shot.”

3. BE PASSIONATE: Bad boys are physically passionate, and don’t worry about propriety. If they want to display their passion, they will, no matter who frowns at them for doing so.

4. BE VERY SELFISH: The ultimate display of confidence: let everyone know that the most important person in your life is you—and act accordingly.

5. CONFIDENCE MATTERS: Confidence is one of the major turn-ons for women, and letting them see how self-assured you are is bound to reel them in. Draw in the girls, and scare off the guys, with an unashamed display of brashness.

6. BE FUNNY, BUT DON’T BE A CLOWN: Jokers can elicit a certain amount of attention from women, but it’s the smoking hot, sardonic mystery men who walk away with them. To some women, playing the joker is a comfortable and almost feminine role—not the effect you’re after.

7.DON’T BE HER CONFIDANT: Do not enter friend territory. You may end up with most of her attention for the evening, but it will very much be in a platonic, no-hope-in-hell of getting laid kind of way.

8. DON’T BE VAIN: Looking in mirrors, constantly brushing your hair, straightening creases in trousers—these are all preening behaviors that are guaranteed to turn a woman off. A bad boy is happy with who he is, and doesn’t feel the need to improve.

9. DON’T OPEN UP: Confessions about feelings, family histories, worries, and concerns are a big no-no in the bad boy book of conduct. A shrug of the shoulders and a laconic dismissal is the most that anyone should get from you whenever such subjects arise.

10. LIVE A YOLO LIFE: Live dangerously, on the edge, and without regret. Danger is such an exciting thing for women to see men experiencing, and it really puts you above the rest of the competition.

11. BE HER HERO: If you see a damsel in distress, then don’t ignore her. Even bad boys wouldn’t walk by a lady in need. Don’t act like a wimp, either, though, and make sure you tell whoever’s hassling her to get lost in no uncertain terms.

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