Solution to Disconnection on IDM Downloads on Simple Server

Simple Server is a no longer a new Gist for we internet freaks, it has been both a blessing and a fair amount of headache for us.

However most times when doing our heavy downloads of huge files like non resumable download links via IDM it repeatedly disconnects itself which is very stressful especially if you have to keep reconnecting it but there are some tricks discovered during our download escapades which might be of great help to you to stop frequent disconnection on mtn bblite plan and enjoy a stress free downloading.

So let’s get to it… Firstly you need to determine the speed that causes your modem to disconnect and set your IDM a little lower, Just get ya download ready via IDM when it start to download just go to the speed limit tap on IDM downloading tap and set the speed according to ya area.. Let take for instance If it disconnects once the download speed reach 500kb/s above, set the download limit to 400kb own limit at 400kb/s.. Once this is done you don’t have to worry about disconnection anymore that won’t allow you to sleep.






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