6 Popular Foreign Female Celebrities You Won’t Recognize Without Makeup

6 Popular Foreign Female Celebrities You Won’t Recognize Without Makeup . 

Its Shocking to know that most of our popular female celebrities are only covered by make up, We will give you a run down list of six 6 Popular Foreign Female Celebrities You Won’t Recognize Without Makeup and we will start from N0. 6 .

#6 – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga calls her fans “little monsters” but after seeing her without any makeup it might be her way of compensating a bit; Gaga is a pure fashionist, but sans makeup her plain Jane appearance and rough complexion isn’t giving us very much to go Gaga over.

Gaga’s appearance is a testament to just how effective proper makeup application can be, since when she is all dolled up for her shows she looks absolutely fantastic: it’s easy to see why so many men consider to be a modern sex icon.

Lady gaga has certainly not shied away from the camera at all since she has not only released photos without makeup, but also photo sets without any clothes: the star takes a great deal of pride in showing off what she has so that her fans feel the same way. Gaga has said before that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that is why she believes so strongly in creating her own sense of beauty and fashion (I guess that is really the only way you can justify a dress made out of meat).

#5 – Nicole Richie

Without Paris Hilton the name Nichole Richie might not mean anything, since it was their friendship and appearance on “The Simple Life” that really brought the spotlight onto her; she described it as the most fun she ever had in her life, and since then she has spent her time behind the scenes creating fashion for others.

You don’t realize just how much makeup that Nichole Richie wears until you see her without it on: it’s almost as if she puts on a mask before she gets in front of the camera.
It takes a real expert to transform her look so drastically, but when you’re a fashion icon you there is simply no room for a messy look. Richie certainly looks stellar when her makeup is on correctly, but her focus has always been on apparel: her fashion collections have been winning all sorts of awards and it won’t be long before she starts turning her gaze towards makeup as well (although her friend Paris seems to have beaten her to the punch).

#4 – Khloe Kardashian


The Kardashians are famous for being good looking and fashion savvy, but not even they can “keep up” with the paparazzi. Khloe Kardashian is one of the few stars who actually benefitted from their makeup-less photos being released, because she looks rather similar to how she normally does.

Khloe received an outpouring of support from her fans, thanking her for keeping everything real and honest, and it further cemented in Khloe’s mind that she was making the right choice in choosing to keep her makeup minimal.

Khloe’s story helps remind us just how many impressionable young minds are out there looking up to these young stars, and her down to Earth approach on her appearance has helped her to generate both attention and respect from other celebs. Despite the positive reaction to Khloe’s candid shots it seems that her sister, Kim, wasn’t so eager to see a similar thing happen to her: she is a massive fan of makeup and the makeup industry and isn’t quite as flattering without makeup as her sibling.

#3 – Snooki

People love to hate on Snooki almost as much as people love to hate on Justin Bieber, but this “Jersey Shore” starlet shocked everyone after they accused of her of wearing too much makeup: she proved them wrong.

Snooki may not be the most popular celeb, but one thing she isn’t is unattractive; she stripped off the makeup and snapped a few pictures to show everyone just how natural her look really is, and it turns out that she really doesn’t have much to hide after all.
Snooki’s success story inspired a few other “Jersey Shore” stars to follow suit, but unfortunately for them they didn’t get the same attention: I never thought I would say this but apparently Snooki is a hard act to follow when it comes to natural beauty. I guess it does make sense that Snooki looks so go when she is stripped of all her fashion accessories, after all she was just a regular Jane before she was picked up and turned into a star.

#2 – Mila Jovovich


Mila Jovovich has a rough time when it comes to fashion critics because she doesn’t really have the same feminine characteristics that are expected of an actress, but that doesn’t dissuade her from walking down the red carpet like she owns the place!
Even though Mila has some more masculine facial features, with a bit of makeup she still manages to turn heads: she was one of the most talked about actresses at the most recent Oscars, despite the fact that she had no major film nominations that year.
Mila’s complexion is a bit rough, but with some foundation her skin appears smooth as silk; what guy honestly would turn down someone as gorgeous as that? Jovovich recently appeared in a photo shoot to put an end to the negativity once and for all, and while we’re not that convinced her plans is really going to work, it’s still nice to see an actress embrace her criticisms and try to turn them into something positive.

#1 – Kim Kardashian

Is that really Kim Kardashian? It’s shocking, I know, but the fact is that without her super starlet makeup that Kim just isn’t all that. It should come as no surprise that such a huge makeup advocate is heavily invested in the makeup industry since her career largely hinges on it, although now that she has shacked up with Kanye West there is a bit less pressure to bring home the bacon.

When Kim’s makeup-less photos hit the web she was more than a bit furious, and demanded to figure out who was responsible for the photo.

Despite her attitude over the whole ordeal, Kim’s fans continued to support her with her rougher appearance, and took to Twitter to tell her it made her seem more relatable, and that she would always be beautiful to them. Kim thanked her fans for all of their kind words, but she wasn’t really buying into the feel good story: instead she focused on making sure she wouldn’t be caught bare again.

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