Victoria Island – amazing drone video of Lagos

See drone flying in Victoria Island Lagos

Wow, so Lagos could be this beautiful from the sky. Lagos is gradually changing especially in areas like Victoria Island, Banana Island and Lekki Peninsula. Agreeable, more still needs to be done in the mainland of Lagos. However in these areas I mentioned, the government of Lagos is trying. The aerial view of those areas are just magnificent. On one of my holidays in Nigeria, I travelled around Lagos to see how much have changed since I left Nigeria. A lot have really changed positively. It is true we have our challenges, however, my intention here is to emphasise our positives.

In the video below, I flew my drone above some parts of Victoria Island to get its aerial view. What I saw was really impressive. May I use this medium to share it with you. Hopefully you will enjoy it.

I have also videos for places like Lekki Peninsula, Enugu, Onitsha, Awka and Owerri. In due course these videos will be uploaded on aeroberry Tv youtube channel and subsequently posted here on webpage. If you don’t mind, you may want to subscribe to aeroberry Tv youtube channel so that when the rest of the videos are upload, you will be automatically notified. I assure you that you will be surprised with the beauty of these areas. Good things are happening. All is not just negative in Nigeria.

Victoria Island Lagos aerial view
aerial view of Lagos

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