Buhari won’t pay N5000 to the unemployed – video

Buhari won't give N5000 stipend to unemployed Nigerians

By Fr Gabriel Ezenwa

Buhari in the video below recorded in Saudi Arabia said that he will not pay N5000 to unemployed Nigerians. The reason he gave was that he has a higher priority of spending the little money coming into the country on building infrastructures, investing on agriculture, mining and education in order to create employment for those who are ready to work.

Some Nigerians may be disappointed with this statement because it was part of the campaign promise of APC to pay unemployed Nigerians. Also, the vice president of Nigeria, Osibanjo promised this even after APC government took over authority from the PDP government.

Is Buhari’s statement plausible ? Is it a wise decision by his government though he may be going back  on his campaign promise ? I think it is a wise statement. Though some countries may have welfare package for the unemployed, if we look at the Nigerian situation today, one may ask, ‘Is Nigeria ripe for such welfare package.’ It is good to take care of the unemployed. However, Nigeria is in a situation whereby those who can work don’t have the opportunity to work. In addition to this, the country’s income has reduced drastically due to the continuous decrease in crude oil price which is Nigeria’s may source of revenue.

When you have a meagre resources, what should be your priority – to use the meagre resources to create jobs so that those who don’t  have jobs and can work could find a good job to take care of themselves or to use the meagre resources to give it out to the unemployed ? I believe it is better to teach one how to fish so that whenever the person is hungry the person can look after himself or herself. To pay the unemployed would be to give fish to them and that would be breeding lazy people and unproductive economy. If Nigeria has enough money to do both today like some advanced countries do, that will be sensible. Paying the unemployed helps to save the streets from idle, hungry and scavenging youths who are looking for people to collect what they have to take care of themselves. Nevertheless, using the meagre resources to provide job opportunity also means doing the two. When the unemployed find a good job for themselves, they will have the finance to take care of themselves. The streets will be free from idle and hungry youths. The country will be a lot safer. What a wise decision.

May Nigerians rally around Buhari to achieve his wise and productive plan for our nation. May we support him fully, and when at the end he fails, which I know he won’t, we have the tool to throw him out during the second term election. Hopefully the elections will be free and fair. Am I reading somebody’s mind saying the elections would be rigged as usual ? We shall see.

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