Dare-Art Alade Offers CRUCIAL Relationship-Saving Advices To Brokenhearted Celebrities


Singer, Dare Art Alade has dished out advice to celebrities whose marriages have hit the rocks.

According to him, celebrities have marriage crises as a result of the fact that they can’t solve their issues privately.

“I have no idea why people are not able to get along or solve their problems privately. Marriage is a personal thing; you don’t get married for the world. You get married for the sake of each other. Getting married is one thing, staying married is another, It takes work, perseverance, you have to be selfless, and you have to be tolerant.

Dare, who believes that when everyone is involved in a relationship, it is bound to turn sour, said,

“But it is between both of you. Once you start to involve other people in your matter, then you might as well not be married anymore. It is just the grace of God, you just take things easy, and nobody is perfect.”

He however dished out advice to them saying,

“Your marriage is your marriage. You are not getting married because of what the society thinks, or what your best friends think, you are not getting married because of what your girlfriends or your boyfriends think, or for your group or social clubs, or for your team of turn up guys. You are not getting married because of anybody. It is for you. It is between you and God, try to keep it that way.

Put your family situation out there, don’t put too many personal experiences out there. Even away from marriage, it is not everywhere you go to that you take a selfie to show what you just bought or are doing, you need to understand the repercussions of many things.

It is just like when you speak, you think about what you say before you say it, because it can be taken out of context. It could still be taken out of context regardless of how careful you are, or how well thought out your speech is. So it is very important to keep your private life private and pray for the grace to be able to share the right things.

“Ultimately, you have to realize that marriage is work in progress. There is no perfect marriage; no perfect solution or formula that gives you all the answers”.

He added

Dare Alade, the Multi-award singer is a son of popular legendary Jazz pioneer, Art Alade. He is also happily married to Dayo Ayeni and both have two beautiful childrens.



1)a rich female celebrity will find it difficult to respect her husband rather she would be luking for who to control so also De male counterpart will never to keep faith with one wife

by r-truth on Jun 19, 2016 at 3:51 pm Reply


2) Wise words

by babyphase on Jun 19, 2016 at 4:12 pm Reply

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