[Download Video] Lola Rae Ft. Davido – Biko


Few months after bursting your speakers with her afro reggae feel good tune, “One time” Lola Rae is back with another hit track titled “BIKO” and this time she teams up with the OBO himself and International Superstar Davido, in this epic love story shot in the historic town of Epe with crisp visuals and energetic dance scenes produced by Teekay Witty.

BIKO is sure to keep you entertained, as you watch the talented singer serenade you with good music while displaying the chemistry existing between her and Davido .

Press play and enjoy the sounds of Lola Rae in this love story.

Download Here 

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Dayo Ajibade

Dayo Ajibade16 hours ago
Mistake! This is Davido feat. Lola Rae. Lol

Jados Minteh

Jados Minteh14 hours ago
Dayo Ajibade Real bro you are right


BasedOnSound5 hours ago
Exactly my thoughts lol!

Isatou Dumbuya

Isatou Dumbuya1 day ago (edited)
damnnnn i miss lola….she is back…davido ur voice…yayyyyyy…davido free styling on the bed…Davido what du u see in Malawi and what is that u do there…hmmm…LOLA Mama will kill u today ooooo

Amodu Okoh

Amodu Okoh22 hours ago
Davido has really worked on his voice


zeddy21 hours ago
Finally davido is back, Watu wa 254 mark register

Micah Momanyi

Micah Momanyi18 hours ago
present lakini huyo msee asikam tena kama amelewa

Riri Dre

Riri Dre18 hours ago
zeddy ?? tuko lol…. Davido Yaasssss!!?

Joseph Ochieng

Joseph Ochieng17 hours ago
am the 1st Kenyan to listen BIKO ,lola rae this tym round uv done wonder with OBO welcome in Kenya and dont forget to perform “biko biko bebi”when will we get the lyrics?

He-sir Dih

He-sir Dih19 hours ago
why the dressing outclasses the LOCATION, I don’t know.

nafisat mustapha

nafisat mustapha11 hours ago
He-sir Dih the whole story is that she is dating a rich guy…so he tushe her…she probably already gat the swag..all she needed was a little push…lol

Dayo Ajibade

Dayo Ajibade53 seconds ago
He-sir Dih Look at it this way…. OSU boys and girls in Àgọ́ ìwòyè with one of the girls staying in her grandma’s house… ??

Moyo .A.

Moyo .A.10 hours ago
Her voice was so auto tuned to the point where it just sounded bad. They did my girl lola dirty ?

Maurice L

Maurice L19 hours ago
Who’s here before the million viewers?

M1 R3 L4 D.

M1 R3 L4 D.17 hours ago
It would probably not even hit 1mil.views lol

Basiru Touray

Basiru Touray10 hours ago
mad tune…big up ma man skelewu boya. Lola Rea u too good girl

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