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Funny Words A Zikite Made Concerning Unizik

Funny Words A Zikite Made Concerning Unizik . 

This Was Seen At ‎Ellas D Nuella Facebook Wall, A Zikite.

I so Love Unizik You know why? Ok…
1. You ask your far with reading? They say they haven’t started…only to get to LIBRARY and find out they have a permanent seat.
2. Lecturers be telling you “buying
my manual is not
compulsory” but
class Rep…let me have the list of those that bought .
3. You graduate with 2.2 and be telling yourself. If it was to be IMSU… I would have been a 2.1 graduate by now.
4. If you think true love is the only thing that is hard to find…try looking for your HOD when you need his signature on a form.
5. In Unizik you don’t need to go far for anything…right in your hostel you have an electrician, painter, carpenter, plumber (even a drug dealer).
6. You’re walking with a beautiful lady inside campus and before you know it…she has hugged like 15 guys.
7.Zik guys can configure free browsing on small Nokia torchlight phone. (I no mention Yahoo join o. Lol).
8. You get to class as early as 6.30am only to see that all seats have been occupied by bags & books. U begin to imagine how the books & bags came about (with your mouth, wide open). Lol
9. Lecturer: Only 10 students in class today? Oya tear a sheet of paper for test….turns to the board to write. Before he turns back——-class don full. Lol
10. You receive your year one results and you give your life to Christ without preaching… Just like that!
11. It’s always funny when exam supervisor says no SUBMIT!! And many students suddenly develop that super human ability; answering 3hrs question in 50seconds

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