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Guys, These Are 5 Reasons Why Women Are Constantly Rejecting You (We Are Always Guilty Of No.5)


So you worked up the courage to approach an attractive woman and start a conversation. But as soon as you opened your mouth, she found a reason to get away from you.

There might be a specific reason why she rejected you. The simple point is that most guys cause rejection by what they’re doing. Here are five common reasons why women are rejecting you.

1. You have bad breath

Although the right words may be coming out of your mouth, bad breath may be what’s turning the ladies off.

Bad breath is one of the biggest turnoffs you can display to the opposite s*x. If you have foul breath no matter how rich you are or drive a fancy sports car, women will avoid you at all times.

2. You’re overly aggressive

Women don’t like it when a man they have just met insists on touching her too often. There is no need to touch a woman if you just met her. Women mostly prefer cool, calm, gentle and well-mannered men.

When you are too aggressive with a woman, you creep her out, get pushed away and you get rejected.

3. You’re using the wrong approach

Most men approach women in the wrong fashion. Most women are really tired of hearing played out, cheesy pick-up lines.

Also, being an arrogant man who is always talking about himself and knows it all is sure to make the ladies run far, far away. Women like confident and not cocky.

4. You’re being too needy

Women are not attracted to the type of man who needs too much support, validation, and constant reinforcement from women.

If you come across as the kind of guy that is going to have to be with her 24/7 and you do not have a life or interests of your own, you are probably going to face rejection from a woman.

5. You’re using the wrong body language

Your body language has a huge effect on attraction, and if you start talking to a woman and your posture is slumped and your eyes are darting around but not meeting hers, you’re probably not going to get a favorable response.

Keep in mind that a man’s appearance actually means a lot to a woman when she first meets him.

If you are dressed sloppy or you have your pants pulled up to your chest with your shirt tucked into them, a woman may not want to be seen with you.

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