12 Classy and Simple Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40


Hairstyles for Women Over 40 .      

Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to style your hair once you are solidly into your adult years. Between chauffeuring kids around to sports and other after-school activities, cooking, cleaning, and caring for the family and house, and even working a full time career, it’s hard to balance all of that and maintain your beauty regimen at the same time.

If you ask hair experts how you should style your hair over the age of 40, they tell you that the best characteristics of a hairstyle are: chic, low maintenance, natural looking, sexy, sophisticated and edgy yet professional. In short, short hair works well for this lifestyle. Give credit to the stylists, since these hairstyles look amazing!

With that in mind, here are some of the short hairstyles we recommend for women over 40:

#12: Angled Bob


Image Source: pophaircuts.com

This photo is perfect for women with thinner hair. If you are quite scared that you may not be able to pull off a short hairstyle, then it is best that you start with this. The angled cut allows you to enjoy the look of a longer bob combined with the comfort of a shorter bob at the back portion.

Bonus tip: If you’re starting off with long hair, you can even donate your locks to a company that will make your hair into a wig for those in need. Win-win!

#11: Beach Waves


Image Source: therighthairstyles.com

If you think that beach waves are only for the younger generation, you are definitely wrong. For your information, more and more women over 40 are starting to embrace the carefree and edgy look of beach waves. If you have the time to maintain the curls of your hair on a daily basis, you should really give this style a go!

#10: Collar-bone Bob


Image Source: herinterest.com

This cut has ruled the hair industry in 2015 and it is for good reason. This type of hairstyle actually mimics the contour of the face of its wearer. It adds a touch of softness and helps to highlights the best features of the person wearing it.

#9: Layered Back Sweep


Image Source: therighthairstyles.com

There are lots of short hairstyles form women over 40 but there is nothing more stylish and trendy than this look. Side swept layers is an updated version of the layered short hairstyle. This is flattering for all facial shapes and women who sport this style feels a lot younger than their age.

#8: Short and Sassy


Image Source: therighthairstyles.com

As compared than before, the hairstyles of older women tend to look more sassy and edgy. If you have the guts, it is best that you try out this short and feathery look. Your husband will surely fall in love with you more!

#7: Retro Style


Image Source: slodive.com

Today, the old trends are definitely making a comeback—a big comeback, if we may add. This hairstyle has been popular during the 30’s but no one can stop it from conquering the hair industry once again! If you have coarse and thick hair type, this would be perfect for you!

#6: Waterfall layers


Image Source: therighthairstyles.com

This hairstyle may be a bit difficult to achieve but it is surprisingly easy. In fact, you just need either a straightener or a barrel curling iron and a setting spray. This is perfect if you wish to bring some dimension and texture to a thin and short hair.

#5: Shattered Bob


Image Source: latest-hairstyles.com

If you want your hair to look messy and on point at the same time, this cut is highly recommended. This style puts every hair strand in its proper place while still making the entire look seem natural and carefree.

#4: Pixie Cut


Image Source: pinterest.com

For a more gutsy and edgy look, a pixie cut is surely worth the risk. This cut is perfect for people with small and angular face as it highlights the cheekbones. Keep in mind that there is no hair that is too short for a woman who likes to take risk.

#3: Dimensional Bob


Image Source: herinterest.com

If you are not satisfied with the simplicity of a bob cut, then this might just be the hair style that you are looking for. The light flicks at the end of the hair strands are the perfect finishing touches to a cut as classy and elegant looking as this one.

#2: Butterfly Hair


Image Source: slodive.com

If you will be attending a party, wow your friends and your loved one by showing up with a butterfly hair. It may seem outdated but this pin-up style will surely make you younger and fresher. Add a pretty hair accessory for the finishing touch.

#1: Minimalistic Bob


Image Source: casaideia.blogspot.com

If you are the type of woman who doesn’t like showing off, this is the cut that you must consider. This style helps to highlight the simplicity and naturalness of the wearer’s look. After all, simplicity is beauty, right?

Rock these chic and elegant hairstyles and you will surely understand why they say that life begins after 40!

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