12 of the Hottest Hair Trends for 2016

Hottest Hair Trends for 2016

Hottest Hair Trends for 2016 . 

Hair styles are like clothes—the trends and styles change as the times goes by. That is why, many people are always looking forward to the trends that come at the beginning of the year. For people who love being trendy and stylish, you will surely want to know what the hair industry is in store for you this year. Well, here are some of the hottest trends that await you this year!

N0. 12: Undone Bun


Image Source: special-hairstyles.com

In 2015, we have seen how the elegant, polished and sleek bun has risen to the top of the hair styling industry. Now, it seems like some women just wish to let some strands loose. This 2016, you can expect that the easy and carefree looking bun will be the star.

N0. 11: Silver


Image Source: hairstyle-designs.com

One color that must be in your radar this 2016 is no other than silver. Many experts predict that grey would be the new bronde so you might as well try all shades of grey!

N0. 10: Plaits


Image Source: fashionisers.com

Braids are back at it again and it looks like it’s not going to go away for a long time. Because of this, it is recommended that you try to brush up on your braiding skills this year. Fishtail, French tails, braided, twisted—you name it, you should know it!

N0. 9: Ribbons


Image Source: fashionisers.com

This school uniform staple will surely be back in the radar this coming 2016. Many people have had enough of the high ponytail. For them, 2016 is the year for ponytails along the nape of the neck, cinched using ribbons. This will give you a sleek and sophisticated look.

N0. 8: Faux Cut


Image Source: elle.com

If you are still not sure if you can commit to a certain cut, then you should do your hair a la Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner—have a trial period for the said chop. This is the latest way to sport bangs or shorter hairstyles like the bob.

N0. 7: Red is back


Image Source: afashiony.com

If you do not feel like going lighter for this year, then it would be wiser for you to go red this coming year. If you happen to notice, many blondes in the Hollywood industry decided to go red last year and it looks like many other celebs will do the same this year.

N0. 6: Dip Dyed


Image Source: unusual-hairstyles.com

2015 and 2014 were the years of ombre but now an updated version of the trend is starting to emerge and this is no other than dip dyed. This hair color is like an ombre in the sense that the hair has two different colors but this one is much more colorful.

N0. 5: Platinum Blonde


Image Source: beautystat.com

When it comes to colors, it looks like no other color can compete with platinum blonde. Not anyone can pull off this look but if you are gutsy enough, the rewards are surely worth it. Just see how Beyonce, Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian rock it.

N0. 4: The Lob


Image Source: classic-hairstyles.com

If you wish to say goodbye to most of your hair without going as short as bob, this is the best option that you have. Hollywood starts like Jennifer Lawrence juts got lobbed last 2015 and it looks like many more will follow suit this 2016.

N0. 3: Hair Accessories


Image Source: fashionisers.com

2016 is the comeback year for hair accessories. For a more edgy and playful look, we will be  welcoming back slick metallic that will add a touch of sassiness to your look. If you wish to look more bohemian, a cluster of flowers in your hair might just be what you need.

N0. 2: Hair Contouring


Image Source: elitedaily.com

This is another updated version of the ombre look. This year, the experts will focus more on creating a softer balayage which is aimed at shaping and framing the face. These soft and subtle highlights will surely transform the hair.

N0. 1: Long Bob


Image Source: Thebeautythesis.com

If you do not like too short hairstyles, you can go for a shoulder length bob. With some texture and a bit of taper, you can turn your plain old boring bon into a fabulous hairstyle that even the celebs will be jealous of!

If you wish to welcome with the year with a brand new outlook, we highly suggest that you start with changing your hairstyle first!

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