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Manchester united is cursed

Manchester united is cursed Paul Pogba thinks. He thinks that Man United is jinx under new boss Jose Mourinho this season. He told SFR Sport: “ We’re going to start to think we’re cursed. It doesn’t matter which team comes here, we dominate them, be it Arsenal or West Ham. Our luck will change at one time or another, and it’s then that we’ll have to take it. I’m still confident because we create chances. It’ll come. I’m confident in my team. We just have to pay attention to the small details. We conceded a daft goal against West Ham, against Arsenal it was also the small details. I’m still confident, it’ll come right. We are dropping silly points, but it’ll come right.”

 Is it true that Manchester United is cursed ? Is the team jinx ? Who placed curse on the team. Why would someone want to curse the team. Or is somebody jealous of the success of Mourinho ? Has he got under the skin of somebody who vowed to render him useless and disgrace him ? You can tell he is doing well in Man United. They usually play better than their opponents especially Arsenal (Surprisingly), but they can’t just score. Ibrahimovic at the start of the season was scoring goals but now it appears the curse is affecting him. He misses even some simple goals you think even a defender could score. Rashford also is now invisible in the field. He is no longer scoring goals. Martial is a complete failure if I may use that word. He doesn’t score goals, and he is not making any positive impact in the team.

 So can one really say that Manchester United is cursed or that its strikers are under performing. I think the problem is with the strikers. They are under performing. They just can’t score goals. No matter how good a team is, without good strikers who can put the ball in the net, the team is doomed. To break the perceived “curse” I think Manchester United need to budget some good some of money to purchase world class and consistent strikers like Suarez, Cristiano Ronald and Messi. No jinx or curse can stop these players from scoring. Their strike can break every curse. They are curse breaker. Ha ha. Mourinho work on your strikers or goal scoring strategy.

 Paul Pogba is a good player, however, somebody need to tell him that the idea that Manchester United is cursed is not true. Manchester United is not jinx.

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