Body image – being big or being slim, is something that is very sensitive especially among the ladies. The matter gets worse today when slim ladies are portrayed to be the icon of beauty as portrayed in commercial adverts and beauty pageants. Some ladies have lost their sense of self confidence and esteem because they feel they are too fat. The society is not helping matters when people say all sorts of nasty things to slim ladies on the streets and even on social medias. Today those running the gyms are making a lot of money because many ladies want to look slim and sexy for their man.

Body image is a sensitive issue in the world today. People are either shamed for being too big, or being too slim. What do you think about weight? Is there a fine line between being big and being healthy? Have you ever felt like your weight determined how people treat you? On this episode of #NdaniRealTalk we have fitness expert, Maje Ayida, media personality, Taje Prest, and Lawyer and Skinny Girl actor, Abimbola Craig with host Cornelia O’Dwyer discussing the topic at length. Watch the video to see what they said about it. You could learn something from it.

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