Watch This Short Movie Titled “One Good Deed” Really Interesting

One Good Deed  portrays the experiences and challenges facing the average student and how one decision whether good or bad can cause a huge chainreaction in our lives and also affect the lives of those we come across.Enjoy and Share….

Movie Title ==>> One Good Deed.

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  1. Mario
    Nice Video, but I don’t have enough MB to watch  it now. Later I would watch it for sure

  2. Tega
    The introduction is really nice

  3. Faith
    Thumbs up to the producer of the movie, it was really nice

  4. Smart Kid
    its a good video with lots of morals.

  5. Fantaxies
    I don’t have mb for now , next post please

  6. Lady marta
    Nice concept, good directing

  7. Fantaxies
    I don’t have mb for now , next post please

  8. John
    Good storyline and the acting skills

  9. candy
    The camera is really bad, is it nixon or what ? great graphics

  10. Carsole
    Great concept, once i am on break at work i would surely complete it

  11. Mintiniry
    I am from south africa, I must say that this movie is great, great job guys.

  12. Spooky
    I just watched it nice video

  13. Sonia

  14. Maionei
    cool, video

  15. Seruith
    very educative

  16. Carmeul
    Nice job guys

  17. Prandon
    Excellent movies. nice concept

  18. Perry
    at least not a waste of MB

  19. Gaga


Twyse Ereme

Awesome Piece????. From concept to story line to camera angles and dialogue.I love everything bout it.


I actually enjoyed this piece, great stuff guys.


Good storyline and the acting skills… Not bad but can be better. Less is more when acting for screen guys. Cheers!

Taiwo Isakunle (father"s heart)

wow. great movies.. i love the video quality and the message you pass across … cheers

tommywha homidiran

nice movie but i just don’t understand how the girl woke up with that fleeky-type makeup

Stan Adu

+tommywha homidiran ikr …like the girl was fleeking in bed

Kolly Dee

really lovely movie!

Jason Quist

Amazing work… Big ups??????

Femi Owolabi

thoroughly enjoyed this

Babs Oneluv

which country is this?

Sani Sadiq nayaya

Good work, very interesting

Tosin Shonibare

lovely piece!

Oyeyemmie Arogundance

Nice… I’ll be back to write my review ?


Great job on the short! And hey, if you want to help each other out by subscribing to one another let me know! Either way, keep being awesome 🙂

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