Is It Safe To Bet From Your Mobile Phone?


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Mobile phones are widely used throughout Nigeria nowadays, even in rural areas. The mobile phone technology allowed people in the country and all over Africa to connect and stay in touch like never before.

A lot of places in Nigeria never even gained access to landline telephony, but mobile phones enabled them to leap one step in the history of technology. Landlines are outdated all over the world anyways. A survey in 2015 showed that 89% of adult Nigerians own a mobile phone, Many of these phones are smartphones.

More than a quarter of all mobile phones in Nigeria are smartphones and this shows that Nigerians are not far behind South Africans. Nigerians use smartphones for a range of different purposes and in the past years, online betting and gambling have been increasingly popular.

A range of locally based and foreign casinos and betting sites accept Nigerian players. There is an even larger number of online casinos in South Africa and South Africa is a useful source which provides a lot of information on South African casinos.

When it comes to mobile phone betting and casino gaming, some people may still have doubts. But in many aspects, mobile betting is even safer and more reliable, especially if you’re unsure whether the brick and mortar betting shop in your neighbourhood is legitimate and licenced.

There are many trustworthy Nigerian betting websites and quite a few foreign based operators also accept Nigerian players. Player protection is offered and the payment methods and the payments in general are secured. You can even make deposits and withdrawals on your mobile phone, using a range of methods, using popular e-Wallets, as well as major credit and debit cards.

It has been reported that about 60 million Nigerians are betting on sports on a daily basis, generating revenues of around USD$9million per day. And it is expected this figure to grow in the future.

A lot of these revenues come from mobile betting and since a lot more people realise that mobile betting is completely safe and many people gain access to mobile internet, we can only expect this trend to continue in the future.


1) Subscribe to an online betting and expect a shrinking pocket. ???.

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