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Sunday Oliseh resigns as coach of Super Eagles

Sunday Oliseh Quits

Oliseh quits as super eagles coach
Sunday Oliseh resigns as coach of Super Eagles

It has happened my dear people of Nigeria. When we should be thinking of preparing for the match between Nigeria and Egypt, our soccer house is in disarray. Some few hours before this article was written, our Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh, announced on his tweeter handle that he is resigning from being the coach of the national team. His reasons are that he is resigning ” due to contract violations, lack of support, unpaid wages, benefit to my players, asst. coaches and myself…”

As much as some people may not like the personality of the national coach especially with recent happening where he criticised his critics after loosing at the CHAN competition, one thing clear is that our NFF has a serious problem. Can we name one Nigerian coach of the Super Eagles that has not have any problems with the NFF. And from my observations, one resounding and recurring problem they normally have with the NFF is the complaint about money – wages and benefits not being paid to coaches and players. This has been repeating itself from time immemorial. However, the story is not always the same when we have a foreign coach. The money the NFF claim they don’t have seems to surface from nowhere, and the salaries and benefits of the foreign coaches are paid as at when due. Why this disrespect to our own people (coaches and players). Something needs to be done to change this annoying mentality of our people where employers owe salaries and benefits of their employees for a very long time and they don’t bother about it. They even boast about it in the media like Mr Green did to Oliseh after the youtube episode. Things must change my people.

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  1. Hahahaha….aeroberry would not kill me with laugh Ooo…. Well it was expected. he never treated d job like he was ready for it. by the way d job was given to him on a platter of gold so he decided to do what ever he chose to. Good riddance

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