Wole Soyinka Destroys American Green Card


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Wole Soyinka destroys american green card, soyinka destroys green card


Wole Soyinke destroys American Green card. After many days of waiting, Nigerian playwright and poet, Wole Soyinka destroys american green card which he got some time ago. He promised to do destroy his american green card if Donald Trump wins. Now as he claimed, he has lived up to his promise. Donald Trump won the US presidential election, and the Nigerian Nobel Laureat, Wole Soyinka destroys his american green card.

Nobel prize-winning author Wole Soyinka has finally destroyed his US residency green card. He made the revelation on Thursday after he had pledged to destroy the card if Donald Trump wins the presidential election.

According to an AFP report, Soyinka said he destroyed his green card during a conference at the University of Johannesburg.

“I have already done it, I have disengaged (from the United States). I have done what I said I would do,” the 82-year-old said on the sidelines of an education conference at the University of Johannesburg.

“I had a horror of what is to come with Trump… I threw away the (green) card, and I have relocated, and I’m back to where I have always been” — meaning his homeland Nigeria.

The renowned playwright and poet who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1986 and has been a regular teacher at US universities including Harvard, Cornell and Yale said he wouldn’t discourage Nigerians from acquiring a green card.

“It’s useful in many ways. I wouldn’t for one single moment discourage any Nigerians or anybody from acquiring a green card… but I have had enough of it,” he said.

So, it is done. Wole Soyinke destroys American Green Card. What will the reaction of the government of America be ? We wait and see.

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