4 Ways The Delay In The 2017 Budget Implementation May Affect Nigeria


On December 14, 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari presented the 2017 national budget to the National Assembly, but ten months later, the budget is yet to be implemented.

The budget, which has been passed by the Senate has a lot of discrepancies which were not there when it was initially submitted by the president and that is reportedly one of the reason the government is dragging its feet in implementing the budget.

As the year runs out without any action taken on the budget, there are some complications that may arise from the delay in the budget implementation.


Below are four ways the delay may affect Nigeria:

1. The Nigerian economy may go into recession and government mission may shut down

2. If the delay in implementing the budget continues, the salaries of federal workers might be delayed

3. Capital expenditure of the federal government e.g construction and payment of contractors will come to a halt until the budget is implemented

4. The delay may also affect payment and maintenance of foreign missions


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