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Arsene Wenger determined to take a risk in Arsenal

Arsene Wenger determined to take a risk in Arsenal


What is the risk Arsene Wenger is determined to take ? For a while now, it has been rumoured that some teams are interested in buying Alexis Sanchez away from Arsenal. Some of the teams rumoured were Bayern Munich and Manchester City. It is also in the open that Alexis Sanchez said he will love to play in the Champions League. Remember that Arsenal will not be playing Champions League this season. In addition to all these, Alexis Sanchez contract with Arsenal remains only one year to expire. However, the player is not eager to sign a new contract with Arsenal.

The implication of all these is that Alexis Sanchez may live Arsenal for free next season when his contract expires. Though the above mentioned clubs are showing interest in buying the player, Arsenal are not ready to sell their prized player. If they sell him now, they will likely sell him out for a big prize money. However, if they don’t sell him now and he refuses to renew his contract before this season runs out, he will be living as a free player. Arsenal gets nothing from any team that decides to take him.

This is the risk Arsenal and Arsene Wenger are ready to take. In a recent press conference, Arsene Wenger said this about him, “That is a consequence of what I say, yes, unfortunately. But we have to make a choice between efficiency on the field and financial interest and most of the time if you can find a good compromise, it’s better. But in this case, I think I prioritise the fact that he will be useful on the sporting side.”

The club is faced with the choice of choosing between allowing Sanchez to stay in Arsenal this season and gain from his quality in the field or selling him and gain financially. They have chosen to gain from his quality in the field. One may understand the reason why they are making this choice, because they want to do everything possible to get back to playing Champions League next season. Alexis Sanchez has what it takes to help the team achieve this. Arsenal and Arsene Wenger knows this and they are keen to make the sacrifice and take the risk.

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