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Buhari set to return, says Presidency


In a television interview aired yesterday, Shehu said the president was no longer “enjoying his stay’’ outside the country.
“As a matter of fact, we should be getting ready to see the president in flesh and blood and that will be as soon as possible.
“The president (himself) is looking forward to being home to be with his people.
“I don’t think he is enjoying any longer an extended vacation outside the country,’’ Shehu said.
Commenting on the president’s telephone conversation with U.S. President Donald Trump, the spokesman said it was “undiplomatic’’ for anyone to demand for the release of the audio recording of the conversation.
“No, I don’t think so; I don’t think it is permitted in international diplomacy. I think if we had recorded Mr Trump in this conversation it would have offended our diplomatic relations.
“I think the Americans themselves would not have recorded this conversation of president to president,’’ he said.
On the president’s medical test results being expected from doctors, Shehu said he had no information on whether the president had collected the results or not.
“No, we have no information on that (test results). If he had received them, he would have been on the plane back home.’’
Shehu said there was not enough time for the two presidents to discuss other continental and international issues.
He, however, expressed optimism that the conversation would boost bilateral relations between Nigeria and the U.S.
“Well, there wasn’t enough time to talk about everything. I think the point at what will follow is in the invitation that President Trump has extended to our president (Buhari) to come over.
“That is the kind of opportunity that was presented to Nigeria to put all the issues on the desk.
“As for their immigration policy, I think our president has been clear about one thing – the choices made by the Americans as to who to lead them, in this case, Mr Trump, is entirely their own choice.
“We have no business interfering with their domestic affairs.
“As to the countries that have been barred, it has been clearly specified and Nigeria did not feature in the list,’’ he added.

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