Video – Crown Peace of Senegal Condemn killing of Igbos by the Army


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crown peace of senegal

President Buhari’s actions against the Biafran agitation will only make them to win the sympathy of the world leaders. High handedness, maiming, killing and declaring them a terrorist organisation are unwise measures to solve the problem. All these happened during the civil war against the Biafrans, but the ideology still exist today. What makes Buhari think that the actions of the army again will stop it. Very unintelligent.

I feel he is thinking short term. I feel his action is for the term of his presidency alone. If only he can quel the noise during his time, and whatever happens after that, he does not care. I feel he does not have the good of the general entity Nigeria at heart but just the northern part of Nigeria. He is doing their bidding. Shame!

The Nigerian army have been brutalising the Nigerian agitators known as IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra). They kill and humiliate them though they bear no harms. They just declared today that they are terrorist group so that they can kill them more. What a shame !!! This is what the crown peace of Senegal condemns. She spoke out bravely and very passionately for the leaders of Africa to learn how to resolve agitations through dialogue than always using the guns. What an intelligent speech by this beautiful woman – the crown peace of Senegal.

The Crown Peace of Senegal is not a Nigerian. You can tell by her accent that she is not. However seeing the barbaric viral videos of Nigerian army against the Igbos, she was touched to speak out and condemn the act. I call on all other well meaning people all over the world to do the same. Stand up and speak out now to stop this crime against humanity by the Nigerian army. The time is now not tomorrow. By tomorrow it may get to a stage of no return. By tomorrow, Buhari must have carried out his plan to eliminate the Igbo race, God forbid !

Watch her video below and join your voice to hers. Speak out .

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