We are hitting our target on restoration of Biafra – IPOB


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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has claimed it is hitting its target in its plan to actualize the freedom of Biafra.

The group said Biafra restoration is around the corner and no man can stop its movement because it a project ordained by God.

The IPOB also warned all intending members to be weary of scammers.

The group’s spokesperson Powerful Emma in a statement said: “We must sound a note of warning that IPOB is not undertaking any recruitment of any sort because it come to our knowledge that some unscrupulous individuals are recruiting Biafra soldiers, police and other security outfits in the name of IPOB.”

Emma said these individuals lure people into a parody IPOB group with claims that they recruitment is for IPOB.

“IPOB has no hand in such recruitment,” Emma said.

He also said the IPOB remains committed to making sure Biafra becomes a reality under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu.

“Freedom fighting throughout history has never been a child’s play or a game of stunts, if one is not mentally and spiritually strong or has the toughness to stay the course that person is advised to stay away,” he said.

We are hitting our target and we will keep hitting the nail on head until the contraption called Nigeria ceases to exist as the British created it.

“IPOB is determined to restore Biafra to end the unnecessary suffering of this generation and those unborn from the hands of Hausa Fulani terror and Islamic fundamentalism,” he added.

He also said the mission of the IPOB is liberate Biafra regardless of human and material cost.

“We want a nation of free people where our people will be unshackled from the chains of slavery.

We IPOB wish to clarify yet again that there will be no talk, dialogue or negotiation for the modalities leading to a separate homeland for the people of Biafra until our leader prophet Nnamdi Kanu and other members detained illegally are released unconditionally as two courts of competent jurisdiction have ruled in Abuja,” the group said.

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