Shameful! Mother And Daughter Give Birth To Babies For The Same Man 4 days Apart


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The unbelievable story of a South Africa mother and her daughter have gone viral after the two got pregnant for the same man and gave birth to their babies just four days apart.

38-year-old Mildred Mashego was informed that her 19-year-old daughter Patricia was also pregnant and due for delivery same month.

The mother was furious knowing that her beautiful baby girl was pregnant outside wedlock but she was shocked to know that she was shocked to know the father of the child.

Mildred was so angry that her daughter was secretly having fun with her boyfriend and was even considering abortion when she found out the truth. Vincent Malumane, the father of the children, admitted that he was having fun with the mother and the daughter secretly behind the backs of both women.

“I cannot go back now and explain what happened. All we have to do is focus on making sure that the children are properly cared for,” said the man.

Both women gave birth just four days apart: first the daughter, then the mother. Both gave birth to healthy boys, making the children brothers, a nephew, an uncle and a grandson. Now that the children are born the woman has forgiven her daughter for the sake of her grandson.

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