2019 General Election Timetable Nigeria Is Out (Photo)

Nigeria 2019 general election timetable nigeria

Nigeria 2019 General Election Timetable is out. Here in aeroberry.com we have it for our dear readers to see. We advise everyone to vote. Do not loose hope in your country. Regardless that your are not sure if your vote will count or not just go out and vote.

One thing that will make it hard for them to rig the election is everyone coming out to vote. If very little number of persons come out to vote, they could use the number of those who would not vote and give it to whoever they want to win the election. However, if you vote, your vote will go to who you want. It will be harder to rig. That does not mean, some heartless and wicked person who does not love the country can’t rig the election. But my point here is don’t make it easy for the person by not voting.

Secondly, vote for the best candidate. People who love Nigeria and you think are healthy, vibrant, successful in what they are doing, and somebody who has a good idea and not corrupt. I would say, the party does not matter. Let us show the two big party that they should not take Nigerians for a ride. They should always give us the best candidate for elections. It does not matter if the candidate you vote wins or note. Just make a statement with your vote. That really matters.

Nigeria is already at the bottom, vote wisely! Before you go to the poll, take the candidate manifesto, read their plans & ensure you are satisfied before you vote for him.

Don’t vote for any candidate because your father or friend is voting for the candidate. Don’t vote for any person because they gave you money. Let us not sell our country to the wrong people. We all include anyone that will sell their vote will be the ones to suffer the effects of bad leadership.

2019 General Election Timetable Nigeria. See it below.

See timetable below:-

Nigeria 2019 general election timetable nigeria

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