Re-Electing Buhari Will End The Marginalization Of The Ndi Igbo – Southeast Igbos

Igbos Throw Weight Behind Buhari Ahead Of 2019


– A group by the Southeast Igbos under the platform called “Ndigbo for PMB 2019” has declared support for Buhari’s re-election

– The group said re-electing President Buhari was the only way to reciprocate his love for Igbos.

– An APC chieftain in Abia state said that re-electing Buhari would end the marginalization of the Ndi Igbo

Ahead of 2019 presidential election, the Igbos from the South-East have thrown their weight behind the reelection bid of President Muhammadu Buhari.

We gathered that the Igbos who have set up a platform called “Ndigbo for PMB 2019”, to mobilize the rest of the people for the task ahead said that re-electing the president was the only way to reciprocate his love for Igbos.

Prince Paul Ikonne, the national coordinator of the group and chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abia state, speaking to Journalists Wednesday, October 25, said that the time had come for the south east people to re-launch themselves in the national politics.

Ikonne added that the people had a political miscalculation in the last general election and have decided to right the wrongs of the past.

He said: “Some of our South east brothers and sisters did not do too well in the last general election especially in the presidential election. So, in 2019, the Igbos must be properly positioned and physically seen to be supporting the president of Nigeria in the person of Muhammadu Buhari.

“So, our mission is very simple: to bring Igbos together from wherever they are for them to throw their support for the reelection of president Buhari. That’s what we would be championing.

“As you can see, we don’t have any other group so far calling on Mr. President to run for a second term. But this group, Ndi Igbo for PMB, will kick start that project, the second term project of Mr. President so that Igbos will regain their rightful position in the Nigerian politics. It is our responsibility. So, this first meeting we are holding is to have our State Coordinators and national officers and then, map out our action plan having in mind that our principal responsibility is to mobilize Igbos in order to vote for the president in 2019.

“We will first of all ask him to run and in asking him to re-contest, we “ll assure him that Igbos will vote for him massively because if you look at him very well, the President believes in Igbos more than any other zone in this country considering his political calculation in previous year. The first ran he ever ran for president, he used an Igbo man as his running mate. The second and the third time, the same thing. There is no other way one can show love than showing that he trusts you.

“But it was very unfortunate that some of our people did see it coming, but thank God, we have a second chance to prove that we believe in this administration of Mr. President. One thing is clear, it is not a party affair, but an Igbo affair. So, irrespective of your party platform or affiliation, as long as you are an Igbo, you are part of this project. We are not doing a party thing. We are doing an Igbo thing. It is a platform for Igbos to come together, pledge their commitment, show it by action and them demonstrate in 2019 as it affects Mr. President.”

The Abia state coordinator of the group and former Speaker of the state Assembly, Martins Azubuike also speaking stated they would back on sensitization programmes to realize their objective.

Azubuike said that re-electing the president would end the marginalization of the Ndi Igbo.

It was  previously reported that Professor Ben Nwabueze, Chairman, the patriot, Project Nigeria Movement and Igbo Leaders of Thought that President Muhammadu Buhari’s utterances are causing the division tearing Nigeria apart.

Professor Nwabueze in press statement said: ‘In an interview with The Vanguard dated Monday, October 16 2017, Chief Emeka Anyaoku said: “Since the 1967 Civil War, I do not think this country has ever been as divided as it is now.”

‘This statement, coming from a man known for his unstinted objectivity on matters of public affairs, represents the undeniable truth about the situation facing our country today. There are separatist agitations for the Republic of Biafra, Niger Delta Republic and Oduduwa Republic. There is the notice issued by the Arewa Youths Coalition to Ndigbo to leave the north by 1st October 2017.”


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