Trump calls for end in violence in Nigeria


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U.S Mission Nigeria Statement

The U.S Mission Nigeria have called for the end in violence in Nigeria. For the past few days, there have been clashes between the Nigerian army and IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra). IPOB is a south east freedom fighting organisation lead by Nnamdi Kanu. Though they are from the eastern part of Nigeria not everybody in the east supports them. Some of the reason is the way they go about what they are clamouring for. A lot of hate speech from their leader. The threat to turn Nigeria into a grave yard like Somalia. Worst of all is the call to boycott the 2017 Anambra election.

Nevertheless, all these are just words. They don’t bear guns or any other arms. They don’t kill people. They protest peacefully. The problem is with the Nigerian army.

Nigerian army is known for the violation of human rights as experessed and shown by Amnesty International. They killed some of the IPOB members though they bear no arms. Some of them were maltreated like animals when they were asked by the army to lie in mud. Nnamdi Kanu’s house was attacked and some people were alleged to have been killed in his house. His father we were told was taken away by the army. However, nobody knows what has happened to Nnamdi Kanu. If he is dead or alive nobody knows yet.

Some IPOB members had to react by attacking the hausa community in Port Harcourt. Video of some IPOB members were shown in the social media searching commercial vehicles for people from the Northern part of Nigeria known as the hausas. Video of a Mosque burnt in Aba was also shown. In fact the scene in Aba was very tensed. All these was a retaliatory move by the IPOB members.

The state governors from the south east had to call an emergency meeting to deliberate on what to do. Before this could end, the army declared IPOB a terrorist group. All the state governors of the south east came out with the resolution to ban IPOB.

It was at the backgroud of all these hullabaloo and tension that the United State Mission in Nigeria put out a statement calling for every violence in the country to stop. It was a very diplomatic statement. It was a statement one could say they were careful not to support any side of the story.

Below is the United State Mission statement about the violence in Nigeria:


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