US Speaks About Nigeria’s 2019 Presidential Election, Endorsement Of Candidate


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US speaks on Nigeria’a 2019 presidential election

– The US said it would support Nigeria’s democracy

– It promised to help in achieving a free and fair election in 2019

– It insisted that it would not endorse any candidate for presidency

The United States of America has spoken concerning Nigeria’s 2019 presidential election saying the country has not endorsed any candidate.

According to report, this was said by John Sullivan who is the US Deputy Secretary of State during the closing ceremony of the US-Nigeria Bi-national Commission in Abuja.

He said the President Donald Trump administration is in support of the Nigerian people and its democracy and would therefore assist in the country getting a free and fair election.

He said: “What we want to do, is to ensure to the extent that we can assist, free and fair elections and we won’t pick those candidates.

“We won’t pick any candidate, we won’t endorse any candidate, we want to support the Nigerian people and democracy in Nigeria.”

Sullivan said the US would support the Nigerian people and not any candidate for 2019 election.

He said: “Any statement by the United States, in the events of the 2019 elections, would be in support of the Nigerian people and democracy in Nigeria and not in support of any particular candidate.

“We want free and fair elections, we are not picking candidates, the Nigerian people should pick their candidates and choose among them and make the final choice for themselves.”

Meanwhile, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo said that only two politicians are against President Muhammadu Buhari contesting for presidency in 2019 and urged them to change their minds.

Vanguard reports that the Imo state governor spoke at the government House, Owerri, when members of Democratic Youth Congress (DYC) for Buhari paid him a visit.

Okorocha said he was confident that he would win if he contests for president but said he chose to step down because of President Buhari.

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