Wearing socks to bed – See what people think about it !


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wearing socks to bed

Have you ever thought that wearing socks to bed meant anything to people ? I never thought people regarded it as anything until I was going through some twitter feeds and came across different views of people regarding this topic. Do you want to know my sincere reaction ? It was like, what the f*** ? What is wrong with it ? I just can’t understand why some people should attach any meaning to it ? Do you yourself attach any meaning to wearing socks to bed ? See these different views of different people below.


Ok what do you think ? Were you shocked by the views you saw here ? I was shocked myself. I still can’t get it. Why on earth would somebody be concerned about some other person wearing socks to bed ? What is the superstition involved in wearing socks to bed ? This is crazy i think. Sorry !!!! My honest opinion.


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