World Bank – Buhari asked us to focus on Northern Nigeria

World Bank President Jim Yong Kim asked by President Buhari to Focus World Bank Investment in Northern Nigeria.

Is this right ?

Punch reported that president of the World bank, Jim Yong Kim, said that President Buhari asked them to focus attention in the North. Seriously ? This is very sad for the president of Nigeria who should be uniting us to say.

The president of the World bank said, “You know, in my very first meeting with President Buhari he said specifically that he would like us to shift our focus to the northern region of Nigeria and we’ve done that.  Now, it has been very difficult. The work there has been very difficult.”

Is it right for Muhammadu Buhari to ask World bank to focus in the North ? In the face value, it appears nothing is wrong with this. We see the North in general as less developed than the south. Moreover, there are poorer people in the North than in the south. Likewise, we have more uneducated people in the North than in the South. Boko Haram as well has wrecked havoc in the North. This has been happening for a long time till date. Does these situations in the North justify his statement to the world bank president ?

I would think otherwise. It does not. First of all, considering the nature of Nigeria, such type of statement in the face value is tribalistic. Those in the South would view it negatively. For them, Buhari is trying to enrich the North and impoverish the south. Though there is poverty and underdevelopment in the North, there is also underdevelopment and poverty in the South. The argument that we have such type of situation more in the North does not matter here. Poverty and underdevelopment is all over the country. Therefore, he should not neglect any region in Nigeria. Their aim should be to uplift the various regions of the nation together. Don’t tell me that this is something that is not achievable. We can do it. If we have the right person as president, who has the political will and right intension, we can do it.

Secondly, he could have advised world bank to invest strategically in Nigeria. By strategic places I mean places and locations and things that will yield better and quicker dividends and development to the country. Strategic investment means spreading the investment all over the country.  In addition, it means investing the money from the World Bank on the strengths of the different sections or regions of the country. The North could be strong in agriculture. However, the south could be strong in technology and information technology. A good spread of the investment will benefit our country more. Investing in these different strengths of our country will make Nigeria develop faster. When you put money in the wrong places, you waste it. Instead of yielding maximum result, it will yield negligible result or nothing meaningful.

Furthermore, the president could ask world bank to invest its money in health care and education. Every section of Nigeria needs better education and healthcare. Consequently, for equity and fairness, the president could have suggested that world bank invest their money in schools and medical institutions in different part of the country. We should encourage the spread of the investment and development. You don’t put your eggs in one basket. This is very important.

Buhari by asking the president of World Bank Jim Yong Kim to focus in the North, shows his bad business skills. Asking Jim Young Kim to focus in the North also shows that he is very poor in economics and knowledge of the country. Again, asking Jim Young Kim to focus in the North shows that he does not care about the general wellbeing of Nigeria. Rather, Buhari is more interested in developing Northern Nigeria. He is the president of the North. No wonder he spoke to Nigerians in Hausa when he was sick in London. What an ethnic and tribalistic minded president ! His actions are very divisive. Nigeria has 250 or more ethnic groups. Why would president Buhari speak to us in Hausa ? We have English that everybody understands.

Now, the investment of Jim Yong Kim and the world bank in Northern Nigeria is not yielding the resulted fruit. This is one of the reasons I suspect, the president of the world bank had to make this statement and complaint. When Jim discovered that they were wasting the money in the North, he advised, “Despite that, there is so much turbulence in the northern part of the country, and there is the hit that was taken from the drop in the oil prices, Nigeria has to think ahead and invest in its people. Investing in the things that will allow Nigeria to be a thriving, rapidly growing economy in the future is what the country has to focus on right now.”

Diplomatically, the president of world Bank Kim also criticised president Buhari’s advise to him by saying, “Focusing on the northern part of Nigeria, we hope that as commodity prices stabilise and oil prices come back up, the economy will grow a bit more. But very, very much important is the need to focus on what the drivers of growth in the future will be.” This is how a leader should reason. This is how one who have the good of his nation should be thinking. Does Buhari thinks like this ? I doubt it. Buhari is not interested in nation building. He is more interested in ethnic superiority. This is evidenced in all of his actions and political appointments.


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